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Egoitaliano is proud to be a ‘Made in Italy’ company that offers an extensive catalogue of colourful sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories with youthful, innovative, and customisable designs. Read more For this company, the originality of their designs and colours are the main focus. Bright colours, pastel colours and original colour contrasts define every collection. The great customisation of each product, in every detail, allows Egoitaliano to serve every stylistic and design need. Egoitaliano also offers seats with motorised mechanisms with rechargeable batteries - a smartphone app lets you control them directly from your device. Their design team is always looking for ways to improve their products to make them more enjoyable and practical to use.

A team of designers are always looking for new solutions to ameliorate the products and to make them more pleasurable and practical to use: from seats with motorized mechanism with rechargeable battery (on demand) to the smartphone App that allows you to control the mechanism directly from your device.
Anais Egoitaliano
Preis ab
Gaia Egoitaliano
Preis ab
Jupiter Egoitaliano
Preis ab €377
Kelly Egoitaliano
Preis ab
L'Ego C1 Egoitaliano
Preis ab
Martine Egoitaliano
Preis ab
Mira Egoitaliano
Preis ab
Neptune Egoitaliano
Preis ab €237
Nora Egoitaliano
Preis ab
Saturn Egoitaliano
Preis ab €262