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Every family knows how much it is important to dedicate a room to their children. Read more The kids room must be something that grows and develops along with the kids, following their changes, their needs in various moments of their young life, from their childhood to their adolescence. It is necessary to conceive a room that can do that, grow along with them, also thanks to quality and design solutions that can remain present for as long as possible.

Bridge room

Bridge room

Room with floor bed

Room with floor bed

Space-saving room

Space-saving room

The rooms are divided in various typologies, based on their composition, on the number of beds that need to fit in and on the available space.

Feel free to contact to request all the information you need to create the room for your kids. We are at your complete disposal for suggestions and for talking about the customization.



Do you need a personalized project for your home?
Our interior designers can develop an accurate project of the environment that you'd like to furnish. We just need a few details to elaborate a realistic drawing of the environment, complete with measurements. We will also give you the possibility to follow the steps of the projects and we remain at your complete disposal for any need or clarification.


We are a group of people with specific skills regarding interior design and logistic, that works strongly to guarantee you professionalism, safety and warranty. We will follow every step of the project, from the idea and the complete development of the order right up to the delivery.


Our store in Florence - Italy is entirely dedicated to home furnishing, from kitchens to accessories. Interior design with personalized projects and official retailer of some of the most important and internationally known designer brands.
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