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Make your home comfortable

The entire day revolves around the table; from lunch to dinner, to a good morning breakfast. The table is one of the most fundamental pieces of furniture in a home. Three models produced by Connubia Calligaris are particularly focused on this aspect, blending together beauty and practicality: the tables Baron, Giove and Airport.

table Baron Connubia Calligaris


Let's start with the timeless Baron table, who has been capable of satisfying every need for many years. With its simple and essential design, Baron is the perfect product for those who like their kitchen or dining room table to be multifunctional. Its main feature is 'DIVERSITY'. Available in many dimensions (110, 130, 160 or 180 cm), every model is extendable for an intelligent use of space. You can also choose among many finishes: the warm nuances of the laminated, the elegant glass or the resistant ceramic-glass complex. This last choice is the most appreciated thanks to its practical ultra-resistant surface.

table Giove Connubia Calligaris


And now onto the Giove table. More contained in its dimensions, it is definitely one of the most original tables produced by Connubia Calligaris "Round" and "Extendable" cannot be found easily in a single product, but Giove, available with a round 120 cm top, will use every corner in the best way with a top and structure that will quickly open to release the extensions. Available with classic finishes (laminated or glass) or in the ceramic-glass version to guarantee a resistant and durable top. A little big table that everyone loves, that stays discreet without getting unseen.

table Airport Connubia Calligaris


Let's end with the Airport table, also very important for the Connubia Calligaris collection. Elegant and essential, it captures your attention thanks to its top put over the structure. This characteristic helps the extensions to slide, from 130 cm to 260 cm maximum. The table doubles its lenght in just a few steps and adapts perfectly for the space required by a lunch or a dinner. Available with glass top or with the preferred and extremely resistant glass/ceramic top.

Every home has its own style and every style has its table:
you will only need to take some time to find the right companion for your home.