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for your home

Choosing the most suitable sofa for your living area can turn out to be a trouble! Naturally, we need to keep in mind the kind of environment we want to blend it in, the space available, the kind of comfort you wish - do you prefer a soft, enveloping sofa, or one with a more 'rigid' seat? Do you prefer an ottoman footrest or a peninsula on which you can comfortably stretch? - We also have to consider the dimensions, which we naturally have to fit in our available space. Finally, last but not least, the finishes and the colors, the type of armrest - that can be narrow, wide, rounded... Or the legs, of which there are various solutions, from the narrow and tapered ones from the vintage flavor to the more massive ones. Surely all models will find the one that best suits your style but in case of doubt or curiosity, we are at your complete disposal!

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