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For more than 50 years, Kartell has been and still is a well-renowned company: thanks to the collaboration and creativity of its designers, Kartell always found a way to distinguish from the other companies with original products that are characterized by a unique and fascinating style Kartell's peculiarity is the use of technopolymers (entirely recyclable) for the majority of their products, which are finely produced with aesthetic care. Among the most famous products are the chairs Louis Ghost and Victoria Ghost, the chairs Masters or the very original Componibili. Concerning the lightning, apart from the notorious Bourgie, we find the very particular Kabuki or the elegant Planet. Without forgetting the nice and rechargeable lamps Battery and Lantern. Last but not least, the vases Shibuya, Moon, I-Shine and U-Shine complete Kartell's furninshing, along with the clocks Air du Temps and Tic & Tac.